Law of obligations

If you need help with drawing up a contract of sale or contract of any kind, if you have overdue payments or if someone have unfounded claims against you be free to contact us. In addition to the above services we will represent you in the indemnity, insurance of various claims …. as we will provide you with adequate assistance in any other area of the law of obligations.

  • Composition of the contracts regarding transfer of real estate rights (purchase and sale)
  • Other contracts related to real estate (rent, mortgage, construction …)
  • The preparation of contracts and agreements regarding other legal affairs
  • Legal assistance in negotiating and deal-making
  • Debt collection
  • Insurance of billing Claims
  • Denying claims
  • Indemnity
  • Assistance in providing various services
  • Representing in various contractual relations
  • Help in legal matters related with securities
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings
  • Other areas of the law of obligations